Development Team
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  • Latest News:

    The Gallery update

    We have just completed another shop that can be owned by any player. The gallery has a variety of potraits and decor that you can sell or purchase for your house. The gallery was not initially planned, but once we started decorating some of the houses we ended up with a huge variety of potraits and, well LETS build a gallery.

    Pizzeria Progress

    The doors to this lovely pizzeria is almost open, we have been adding decor and useable items to the pizzeria and it's time to reveal. When i looked at the place last night I just wanted to share this with everyone. The pizzeria is one of many shops that can be owned by players and operated as a business. Now if you have ever played restaurant empire this would be almost excactly the same except that you play this game in 1st person view. When you buy or rent the pizzeria you will be able to move the funiture and equipment and when you are ready open your very first pizzeria.

    Houses in Agticu

    It's not just city life in Agticu on the outskirts outside the city, you will find neighbourhoods filled with lovey houses you can rent or buy. In Agticu you have different career paths you can take and one of them would be to become a home owner and life a simple life outside town. Reminds me a lot of the sims once you become a house owner you will be able to break down the house to do renovations and completely change it.

    Pizzeria Kitchen

    More kitchen equipment added to the game, the advantage of this equipment are the ability to also use them in other shops like your bakery for instance. You can also buy this box freezer for your house keeping your food from spoiling.

Was busy working on some of the code and just added some more shop canopies to the game. https://t.co/9ebXthiw1H
Wiki update with objects - Appliances, Signage and Canopies have a look when you have time https://t.co/Uosi8Y8G14… https://t.co/GCB1LTEb4b
Currently busy creating our Kickstarter and doing updates to the website.
Busy adding everything related to nature to the game, this include the various stones, marbles and ores you can min… https://t.co/0nMLcgHrRt
Just update the Gallery, added some paintings.