What is Agticu

Agticu is sandbox economy simulator. You are in control of your destiny and must make the right decisions your actions will lead to success or failure.

With a realistic economy and different career options, the game incorporates endless possibilities. There are numerous ways of making money and surviving, but be aware that wrong decisions can lead to bankruptcy.

Multiplayer support on both local lan and online mode with servers that can manage up to a 1000 players all depending on the amount of memory available.

Advanced Player skill tree, each skill has 5 levels to unlock with 5 being the highest skill and 1 being the lowest.

The higher your skill the better quality product you will be able to produce, which in turn will yield more money at the market.

Five different career paths to choose from, but your choice aren't limited to only one. Agticu allows players from all genres to simply enjoy themselves.


Key features:

  • Realistic economy, which is driven by quality, with over a thousand products to choose from.

  • Day and night cycle with 4 seasons.

  • Variation of shops you can own and operate.

  • Huge farms that can be purchased in sections as you expand.

  • Properties that can be purchased and leased out to NPC.

  • Undergound mining with over 48 different ores that can be mined.

  • Advanced factories that produce products to be supplied to shops.

  • Thousands of building blocks allowing you to build your own structures.

  • Huge variety of livestock you can farm with.

  • Huge variety of crops to grow.

  • Factories to own and operate.

  • No DLC ever for this game.