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Today modding is pretty huge and to deny this fact would be crazy, I've seen how the Minecraft modding community pulled of and became super huge, but then it took a dive, it simply became too much effort to just keep up with the game updates let along doing the mod and a lot of big names vanished from the modding community and with them all their creative input. With that said We have a planned API that's built into a user friendly interface that would allow a 6 year to create a mod.

When will this API be ready?

I reckon this all depends on how much funds we received, I would like to employ a team of people just to focus on the API for this game because modding adds enormous value to your game. We just need to ensure that we never end up in a situation where we update the game and everyone have to update their mods so whatever we are planning mods will have to work in the first version and last without any updates from the mod dev needed.

Will I be able to mod the entire game?

Yes you should be able to re-write the entire game should you wish to, it's important that we give the modding devs as much room as possible to work with, I remember all the problems we encountered while modding Simcraft and then you had to wait for the modding API to play catch up, because the API was never part of the initial game. With the API being part of the initial game it will allow us a lot more freedom and in turn make it really easier for devs to mod this game.

What feature will the modding API have?

The API is linked to a stand Alone Editor accessible via the game interface. Once logged into the Editor you will be connected to our server where people will be able to share their projects with other devs in a easy accessible format, this also links modding developers together and a whole support section will be dedicated to provide newcomers with information on how to get started.

Included in this editor is a fully functional 3D creator window where you can create your own models, which you can then directly insert into the game

For the more advanced users you will be able to create a new java project and be able to code and test code from your favorite java editor.

You can use the engine and create your own game from scratch if you have the time and feel the need to core files can be removed from the game.

What are your goals with the API?

I just want to make sure that whatever creativity is out there can be utilizes inside this game and that you will never find yourself as a modding dev before a door where you simply can't mod anymore because the game creators are making it impossible or the API lacks the abilities. I've been there and it sucks, so my goal is to really go all out with the API and to make it a huge priority, because I know it does not matter how creative I'm there's always people out there that is just as creative and maybe even more and games that last for centuries are coded using a ton of creativity if you don't have that you can't create a games.
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