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I will add some photo's and couple of videos to this post in due time, but I hope I can satisfy the curiosity of the people that have been wandering what this game is all about.

Our initial plan was to convert SimCraft for Minecraft a mod into a full scale game of it's own, now I did not want a MineCraft clone, so decided that it would be best if I actually take all my ideas that I would like to see come to live and code them all into 1 single game. The other way around would have been to simple take ideas and write smaller games and cash out on those, but I went all in with this game.

Agticu is set in an era between 1950-1985, I decided on this date mainly because SimCraft was kind of a tech mod, with a ton of Mining machines and off course I really like that period in time 'Mafia' comes to mind. I also chose this era because I'm planning to implement a second game mode later on that would be a little more pvp based than what we originally planned, but I will elaborate on that later.

We are using a Voxel Engine, for those unfamiliar with the word, it means that everything is in blocks similar to Minecraft, but we at the same time try to break that blocky feeling by using very detailed models and we do use spheres and circles and have nice tiled roofs. The game is also using higher resolution textures which really makes for a much better gaming experience and all our AI is created using Blender and Animated accordingly. The trick is to blend the two designs together in such a way that it does not feel out of place and we believe we have succeeded in doing just that.

We using this type of Engine, mainly because of the scope of the game and rendering blocks as terrain for instance puts a lot less stress on your GPU than say for instance terrain that has been created in CryEngine. This in return allows us to render buildings where you would be able to actually enter and walk around inside, so just imagine you playing Mafia and you could enter each building and while doing that you have 100 online friends playing with you, by keeping the vertices count down enough it becomes a lot easier to accomplish just that goal.

The game is open world real life management game with tons of options, there's no game like it so it's kinda hard to compare this with anything but hopefully I can paint a picture for you, that would help you grasp this game a little better. I'm going to write up a couple of articles each explaining some of the included features in the game and will add some pics and videos very soon. The camera is in 1st Person, but for those that enjoy playing games using the 3rd person camera view, that is included as an option and you can switch between the 2 different display views.

Features Explained

World Map


Player Character




Mining Ores

Farm Crops


Modding API

to be continue...
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