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The world map where you start in will always be the same, there's 3 cities on the map and approximately 5 smaller towns on the outskirts of these cities. Each of these cities and towns operate with their own resources, which allows them to grow or simply become ghost towns.

They are all connected by roads and railroads, that allows trade between them and any plot of land in between these cities and towns are for sale. The map simply never ends and is completely open world with no end, with this being said the further you are from these towns the harder it would be for you to really make money, but there's no limitations on how far you can move outwards away from civilization.

You can travel to other continents , there are 16 in total. These continents are mostly used for mining and only have 1 airport per continent and you would need not only money to buy airplane tickets, but you also have to pay for any cargo you have to transport to these continents. You can purchase land on these continents which in turn can be mined or additionally rented out to other players.

If you purchase land, you can turn the land into a new home for yourself or build your own industry on the land, the choice is yours. If in any event it does happen that your last family member dies, all land own by you will become the property of the state and would be sold to anyone interested. You can after buying land re-sell that land for a profit, land value will go up in the event that you have built on the land or you've been running a successful business from the land like a industrial farm for instance.

On the main map you are not allowed to dig deeper than 10 blocks, in the event that you wish to you could buy an additional license that would allow you to dig 10 more blocks down, but that would then be your maximum, water and electricity pipes are running at a depth of 25 blocks making it impossible to allow you to dig deeper, there's also a underground train that will be running from city to city.

On all the continents that are used for mining you can dig down 256 blocks before you would end up hitting bedrock. You cannot dig past bedrock and digging down that far also has numerous amounts of risks involved like natural gas and in rare occasions you might even stumble upon oil or under ground cave systems, disturbing the ground could also result in the collapse of the cave system and if you happen to be in that cave then you would most likely be killed.

Your main map is mostly urban, but as soon as you step off the airplane on one of the continents you enter a rough and untamed world, filled with wild animals and various types of trees and plants.
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