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We worked on a mod called SimCraft for Minecraft (Google it), we really tried to bring a splash of creativity to Minecraft, and SimCraft pretty much became a really massive mod, in fact in my personal opinion it was the biggest mod during the 1.6.4 version of Minecraft, which also happened to be the last version we did, there was so much code to update and Minecraft simply kept pushing out new updates with massive code changes which resulted in; The whole project coming to a complete halt!!

Minecraft was doing if I can remember correctly 174 Blocks and we were on 2500 extra blocks including 30 workable machines some furniture and we had a back haul of about 100+ models that needed to be added to the game, we really went into depth in regards to mining and those where exiting times, but the updates I mean they would pretty much halt any further development for a month and by the time we have done the update another update would be released putting us back to where we where a month ago it was crazy, on top of all the updates the developer of the modding API also kept changing the API, you had to really keep up with multiple people doing different types of updates and it simply became too much.

We decided to take all our assets and simply dump that into our own game instead of wasting months on updates which as you all know would have never stopped. Nice idea, but last thing I want is another Minecraft clone, so I took the opportunity to basically create a game from scratch that would include most of our assets, but still be completely unique.

So what did we do? I went back into time, looked at games I used to play and enjoy, then looked at genres that simply got lost in time, and finally looked at games that where very popular today but when you play them they always had that one or two things missing. The amazing part about games today are that every single game I have played in my entire life always had that one or two things missing, that would take the game to a complete new level and it's like the developers simply never see it, this time I'm in control and oh boy I don't miss things (Well hope I don't)

So in Agticu you will find elements from various games all pack in one nice title there is no reason why you won't like the game, because none of the aspects are a requirement you can simply do whatever you like, so the idea was born and inspired by multiple titles and yes I could have stuck it out and create a much smaller game, finish that in a year and then bankroll Agticu, but I just simply went all out with Agticu.

So that's my story in a nutshell, myself and mikerman50 have been working together since 2012 started on SimCraft for Minecraft and has since moved on to work solely on the development of Agticu, Our team was bigger at times but modelers and artist come and go and with no income it's pretty hard to stay a float and one of the main reason I finally decided it's time we get the game out in the open and see if we can get the needed funds to finish this title in a super fast way.

I just have to lastly add that for those of you that know Markus Persson aka Notch -- He was a huge Role Model to myself in regards to how he made MineCraft into a unbelievable successful game, he followed a dream and it worked out for him and any indie developer can only look at him and know that it is possible, so Thanks Notch I reckon you inspired millions.

Not gonna go into more detail about the game, you should be able to find an article on the forums where I've explained the game in a lot more detail.
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Last week I had a look at modding in general, and thought of sharing my views on the subject on our new forum, so ppl can get to know me a lot better.

I see modding as one of the best things that could ever have evolved from games. There's always something even the best game developers miss when developing a game, and when a game has modding capabilities that gap can simply be filled.

Now I've seen what can come from mods on a couple of different gaming titles and it's unbelievable, I reckon Minecraft is most likely one of the biggest examples of modding and what was accomplish thru modding. The biggest concern always for devs are that their own code can be taken if they allow ppl to be able to access the source code, so they use methods like obfuscation to hide code, but in the event of Minecraft that becomes pretty laughable and just a pain in the behind, because it gets de-obfuscation and everyone can see the source code. So these methods need to start falling away, which in turn would open the modding community big time.

The one thing we don't see from a title like Minecraft is a total conversion mod, now if you look at Mount and Blade Warband where mod devs have been able to do total conversion of the base game the end results are amazing, now imagine if Minecraft allowed ppl to change the base game and release total conversion of Minecraft, I reckon that would have been amazing, instead corporate companies try to squeezes as much money out of a title and won't release source code or even allow for the code to be change on the base game.

I know releasing source code of a game your working on sounds pretty crazy and simply does not exist, but I honestly feel if you are blessed by ppl buying your game or sponsoring you with donations so that you can create your own game, start looking after the community and best way of doing that is by eventually releasing the source code and allowing other mod devs to do total conversion of your game, which can be release to the public as a free download.

I would go as far as saying once that happens, the game devs need to start looking after modding teams doing total conversion on the base game where their popularity has grown tremendously for instance using Minecraft as an example mods like IC2, Forestry etc, these are great mods and a game company need to get those developers on board and simply start compensating them for there hard work, allowing them to even start modding as a full time career.

Would that actually financially harm your company?
Lets do the maths you sold 50 million copies at $25 a copy (I'm sure you can spend a couple of million dollars on compensating and rewarding mod devs for their hard work)

The end result your game simply becomes even more popular and at the same time you are creating work for mod devs, which a lot of the times are extremely talented ppl. which simply need a break and a change to prove themselves.

Now I would honestly like to move Agticu towards that goal and I'm pretty sure, that I will eventually be able to pull this off.
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