A Clean Canvas

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Sometimes, the road taken leads you to a complete new destination with new opportunities. If you asked me a couple years ago what I do, game development would have been the last thing on my mind. Today I develop games in Java and - Yeah I know the debate about Java vs C++, but my love for Java is unreplaceable. When I started laying out Agticu I had a clean canvas to paint on, with almost unlimited options, it was time to create the game I would love to play and hopefully be able to share this with other gamers.

Why code in Java

True story and kinda funny, went to a party the one time and saw a bunch of youngsters playing a game with graphics that looked like it came from the commodore 64 bit. Made fun of them and told them I will show them what a real lan game looks like. They told me the game was free and gave me the download link, so no harm done, free game who gives that up right -- Installed it on every single system I had, managed to start my own server and the whole family played what we all know as Minecraft. I was hooked instantly and a month or so later bought the game for each of my family members --Jokes on me now.

Vanilla Minecraft got bored real fast and I discovered mods and that completely changed the game mechanics I simply loved it, but as luck would have it just as we got used to our new mods the game updated and the mod developers retired, so all my cool mods where gone and unplayable. I took a look at modding, started modding myself and created a mod called SimCraft it was that simply and over a span of about 2 years we created a mod that had 10x more content than the original game and provided players with endless possibilities, combine that with other mods also available it was the best game ever.

My roots where solidly grounded in java and in all honesty modding in java is so simple school children can do it, so why in the world would I wanna use another language. There are limitation to using Java, but one would simply work around that, for me it is very important that Agticu would attract mod developers and I want to make it as easy as possible for them to add their own mods to the game because just like every single game ever created, there's always that one thing a developer miss and mods simply supplement that. Java allows children to add content to a game and I saw during my days modding for minecraft just how many people took up modding and succeeded, because java is less complicated.

Breaking the Golden Rule

One of the very first rules as an independant game developer is to not create a big game, rather keep it small and simple>> Well I broke that rule the moment I sat down and decided I'm going to develop my own game. I just cannot get myself to work on a small scale and as a result it's taking a lot longer to complete but let me asure everyone that the end product will be worth the wait. I'm completely against gaming companies making extra money from DLC's when the base game is not even finished and as of late, we are seeing this a lot more on steam. How anyone can live with themselve ripping gamers of like that is beyond me.

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