Houses in Agticu

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It's not just city life in Agticu on the outskirts outside the city, you will find neighbourhoods filled with lovey houses you can rent or buy. In Agticu you have different career paths you can take and one of them would be to become a home owner and life a simple life outside town. Reminds me a lot of the sims once you become a house owner you will be able to break down the house to do renovations and completely change it.

How do I get a House?

Renting one is one of the most easiest ways, this will allow you to stay in the house but with limited optionns, you cannot rebuild the house for instance only decorate the house on the inside.

On the other hand becoming a house owner will require money and lots of money there's a ton of ways to make money, you can pick which ever suits you best with the main categories being; mining, farming, or manufaturing. Manufacturing however requires the correct work bench and knowledge or recipe.

Owning your very first Pizzeria

One of the things you will notice is there's a difference in houses with each one looking different, this in turn creates different neigbourhoods some of the houses are already occupied by NPC which just creates a live atmosphere; finally neighbours you can talk to.

You did not miss it there's garage doors. Does this means there will be vehciles? The answer is yes the map is pretty big and you need transportation to get to certain points quicker if you can afford a vehicle you will be able to purchase a variety of vehicles. Public transport include trains, trams, boats and airplanes each with it's own unique feature