Challenges being an Indie Dev

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Well it has been a month maybe even more since I last posted an update. I think this is one of the setbacks of being an indie dev, you simply cannot get to everything all the time and you have to make constant decisions.

Now being an Indie Dev means you need to be pretty good at just about everything, you need to be creative, you need to be able to code, you need to understand how to properly plan ahead and eventually you will need to be able to lead a team, because if your game draws in crowds or even the much needed funds hiring people is simply a must.

One of my weak sides is that I simply cannot create something that's not good enough for me to play, I see a lot of games being developed by Indie devs and they simply lack content and then to make things worse before the base game even works properly they release DLC. Agticu will not follow suite, I love games and I will never release anything that is simply not good enough to be played, when you purchase Agticu you invest and I believe that investment, must be rewarded.>br>

Where are we currently?

I had to halt the further creation of the map until I've created a suitable way of being able to duplicate existing buildings, this was one huge task and it's currently in the last testing phases. This has now enabled us to create house upgrades and the entire residential area will be re-build, our map builder is currently busy creating blue prints of the homes and the upgrades using the new code. We also have a new employee, if you can call s9omeone working for free an employee, that will spend most of the time building the game wiki, this game is huge and it has endless possibilities and i can write blogs every single day trying to explain everything and I will still not be able to tell you about everything. With that said keep an eye on our wiki, we will be adding and building our wiki and over the next month maybe two the wiki will catch on to where we are at development, this should give everyone an idea of what the game is all about and will also help us launch our kick starter campaign.

Why kick starter?

I need to hire more employees to get Agticu to market and at the rate we are currently going, you should be able to play a beta of Agticu sometime in the near future I do not want to commit to a date yet, but it's getting closer. I think what everyone needs to understand is that, we are not just developing the game we also need to create the engine that will run the game, the advantages with our own engine is that we can basically do anything we want, the downside is it takes more time. This is also what I love about java there are so many ways in accomplishing your end goal it's amazing the downside is working alone on such a huge project and you find out there's a shorter way of doing something 3 months later and you have to go and redo 3000 class files, that always brings tears to my eyes and not tears of joy.

What will I be working on next?

Once the plan builder works flawlessly, I'm moving back to nature and will be adding all the trees, crops and basically anything to do with nature, this will bring life to the world. We have all the assets I just need to get them into the game engine. Now the biggest move would be to get an early access version out there so that people can experience the game, so I'm very close to a point where I will stop adding to the engine and focus on the actual game play, the entire player interface still needs to be design and there is a lot of work that needs to be done before that can happen but I want people to start experiencing Agticu..

What can we do to help?

Right now anyone that sees this game and like what they see can, partner up with us and help us get to our end goal by simply liking us on Facebook and if you want to do more become a Patrion of this project.

To every supporter

Thank you for promoting Agticu, keep an eye on the wiki, loads of information to follow and will also add more images to the wiki and videos.

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