Pizzeria Kitchen

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More kitchen equipment added to the game, the advantage of this equipment are the ability to also use them in other shops like your bakery for instance. You can also buy this box freezer for your house keeping your food from spoiling.

Do I need electricity to operate?

Yes you will need electricity to operate these machines, each shop is wired to an electric grid that allows you to add electronic equipment into your shop and they would pull electricity from your shop grid. Each week you will receive a utility bill which would include your electricty usage and charge, failure to pay by the due date would cutt you off now this would be pretty bad for your shop and it also means that anything store in Freezer would most likely rott.

This being a multiplayer online game that can be enjoyed online with friends your not always going to be online, and if your utility bill comes up and does not get paid this will still shut you off. What you will need to to is make sure you have a huge deposit with the councel that would be able to cover your electricity usage in the event you are not online. If you do decide to go on holiday in real life, then sell your excess stock and shut down electricty usage in your shop and close it, pay your rent in advange and your shop will stil be there when you get back from your holiday.

Most of your kitchen equipment has added animation upon usage with custom sounds to create a very realistis atmosphere in your kitchen. The sink for instance need taps but thse are placed on the wall above these sinks. The dough maker has a spinning rotary when operating and mixing dough.