Pizzeria player operated shop

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This is what's currently happening in Agticu, we building the map and creating assets to fit into the game style. What you are looking at is the start of the pizzeria this will be one of the many shops available in the game that any player can lease from the city on a month to month basis and generate some income specializing in selling anything a pizzeria would offer.

There's a lot more complexity to owning a shop like having to pay rent, electricity and staff not to mention the fact that you will need to stock up your pizzeria. Your shop will generate an income for you as the player, but not every single recipe would be avalable at the start of the game you will need to earn skills by running the shop by either creating ingredients or baking a few pizza's yourself in order to earn skill points that would unlock new recipe's. There will also be a lot of recipe's that you can only be earned from winning competition that's hosted each season.

Will provide more detail about the pizzeria as we move closer to launch date