Pizzeria Progress

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The doors to this lovely pizzeria is almost open, we have been adding decor and useable items to the pizzeria and it's time to reveal. When i looked at the place last night I just wanted to share this with everyone. The pizzeria is one of many shops that can be owned by players and operated as a business. Now if you have ever played restaurant empire this would be almost excactly the same except that you play this game in 1st person view. When you buy or rent the pizzeria you will be able to move the funiture and equipment and when you are ready open your very first pizzeria.

How does this work?

The pizzeria in a nutshell, it's a bussiness that will generate $$$ if run properly, the entire game is based of skills so when you purchase your very first pizzeria your skill set might be very low and the quality you serve to customers would be calculated using your own skills and the quality of the ingredients, this will create pizza, where the price will depend on the quality. You will be able to create the pizza yourself and each pizza you create will increase your skill in the art of making pizza's.

Now your second head ache comes from your ingredients finding quality ingredients will be hard at first until you have farmers that have level up and can produce quality ingredients then it's simply a matter of buying it before the competitors. You will also be limited to the amount of recipes you start out with but each season there's competition in town where the winner walks away with a cash prize and a new recipe, unlocking more recipes gives your pizzeria that edge above other pizzeria's.

Customers will walk in daily to buy and rate your service and quality and availability the more stars you have the more customers you will atract each day.

Owning your very first Pizzeria

Your shop is in most cases limited to floor space we kept most of the bussiness the same size because one thing about Agticu is that we want everyone to enjoy this game and not only the people with a super computer; placing items inside your pizzeria does have an effect on your frames but by limiting the rendering distance and the floor space your fps would never reach a point where you are unable to enjoy the game. For those with higher end systems there's an option to adjust the render distance for each type of object

Very important is to take note about the fact that Agticu is build on a voxel engine, that consist out of blocks the trick about rendering is to only render active grids and only render visible faces, by doing this you are able to enjoy a game where you won't experience fps lagg the more players build, this in turn allowed us to build a fully functional city, where each shop can basicly be player owned. Try this in another engine like Unity or the Cry Engine and you will fail miserably. The bottom line is we are not yet at that point in technology where you can do this and not suffer from fps drop, most of the titles on steam currently and I mean good AA titles not those 1000 Chinese titles that's been launch each day, good rated games have a huge demand and it's getting bigger, making it very hard to play on older systems and unfortunately not everyone can afford a hard core gaming rig

The idea behind bussiness like the pizzeria orifinated from a very old game called restaurant empire, and seeing this come alive makes me very exited and to be honest I can't wait to play this game and have my very own pizzeria. The game features a lot of different carreers for players to get involved in and if you end up renting the second floor of the pizzeria you can always change that into living space and give up your currently residence, as the gamne progress more information regarding residence will follow and not to mention the farms, you can own a farm and plant your own ingredients which you can then use in your pizzeria.

Your pizzeria also have different events that can be unlock that would allow you to do more, for instance unlocing deliveries would allow you to take phone orders. Unlocking different types of stoves and tables will give you more options for decor and preparations.