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One of the main game features in Agticu is Seasons, they are placed in game to create a unique balance and every single crop, fruit tree and plant are seasonal. The seasons are 4 weeks long or 28 days and represents about 14 hours of real life time. The seasons can be easily recognised by simply looking at the textures in game

The purpose of seasons ?

The game engine is driven by seasonal changes and the world is influenced by both seasonal and weather changes. Having seasons in game forces the player to pay attention to the date and in time enable players to build their own crop calendars helping them and each other to plant crops that won't fail.

Although farming is just one leg of Agticu it does allow for a huge variety of farming to take place with both crops, fruit trees, plants and animals the produce from these activities have quality ratings with higher quality produce selling for more on the market. The trick to getting the best quality to market is knowing your seasons, knowing the crop length before harvest and knowing how vulnerable the crop would be to pests.

One of the key elements that are introduce with seasons are seasonal competitions, that offer certain advanced recipes as reward for winning, during these competitions players will enter and try to harvest as much of the particular produce to win the competition. Now with 1 season lasting 14 hours in real life anyone attempting to win these competitions will either have to run the farm that was purchase as a co-op farm or put in the time as a solo player. The recipes in turn can be used to produce items that might not be available on the market or available but lacking the quality. Having an arsenal of advance recipes will also help you should you decide to open your own shop in town.

Season creating an atmosphere

It's been a lot more work having to create multiple textures for certain objects in game, but once you walk around the game you will be taken away by the beauty of summer, combine with atmospheric sound effects, you are treated to a breath taking world, vibrant and alive. Summers are hot and the players energy will drain faster, while winter is colder giving more energy, but at the cost of having to wear more clothes that might weigh you down.

In the next video about seasons we will be going into more specifics showing you all the effects seasons have on the world