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  Sneak Peak

It's been a while, but we are still working on this project and right now my goal is to get a stable version out on kickstarter and patreon, allowing me to generate some income, which in turn allows me to expand the team working on Agticu.

So what really happend?

I was busy with the development of Agticu, and the project was on point and moving forward. Then I met Jesus on what I call today my Damascus road journey and I had to make a decision, it was impossible for me to code and get equipped properly for the calling on my life and I moved completely away from coding and followed Jesus, almost like we read in the bible, Jesus calling His disciples while they where working as fisherman and they left their jobs and family's to follow Jesus.

Now anyone who knows me would tell you there's nothing more I loved to do than code, after I created SimCraft a mod for MineCraft, coding simply became the only thing I wanted to do, thanks to Notch, who made this all possible. I started learning Java and dedicated myself to becoming a decent enough coder so that I could create my own game. But all of a sudden that all changed, the day I met Jesus I was set free and saw the world for what it's worth and I did what the bible told me in Matthew 6:33 "But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

I left everything as is and followed Jesus, back in my mind I knew I would eventually return and complete the development of Agticu, but for couple years I dedicated myself to being equipped by Jesus until the time to finish Agticu was announced and now I'm back and busy finishing the development of Agticu.

What Now?

Well I'm working in ministry and my first priority is to always do what God commands and currently I've entered into a season in my life that allows me to complete something I started more than 7 years ago.

Now I know there's a lot of people out there that does not believe or has other believe systems or other gods they serve, but for me there's only one God I do respect each and everyone's believe system and anyone that wants to know more about my testimony can connect me thought the forums and I will gladly share it.

As for Agticu development is now in full steam and all I can say is that the creator of creativity lives inside me so you can expect Agticu to be a blast.

For everyone that is graphics addicted Agticu won't be for you, because of the way the engine is built basically similar to MineCraft you can't really spend system resources on rendering objects with massive vertex counts it will completely kill your fps, The sacrifice for a game with thousands of AI humans walking around buying and living requires me to stick to something basic, my whole life I always said I would take a good game over a game with super graphics anytime of the day. All I see today is there's a lot of games out there that would stun you with their visuals it's super crazy but then they are stuck with huge bugs, game breaking bugs or the game content is so limited it's not worth the time.

Agticu and the way Agticu is being develop leaves me with endless possibilities I've posted a sneak peak of our plaster walls, floor tiles, stairs and off course floor skirting. As we move forward I would post more images and update everyone on the progress made.

Expect a beta version really soon and if you wish to support the development of Agticu become a patreon and by doing so become part of the team that will bring Agticu to everyone that enjoys playing games.

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