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One of the careers that places you outside the city and on a farm. You will not be able to start with your own farm at the start you need a substantial amount of startup money before you can get into farming. However, nothing can stop you from planting smaller crops in your backyard where you rent.

Because the game is developed for online play there will be a lot of farms available to purchase. Each farm is divided into extension that you can purchase as you make more money, this will help players with their career in farming. Once you have purchased the main plot of land all the extensions automatically belong to you and no other player can buy them.

To breed livestock on the farm you need a barn, pen, stable or coops. The size of the enclosure you buy will also determine the maximum size of your herd.

Breeding animals is hard work you need to tend to them and ensure they have enough feed and water. The quality of the product you receive from these animals will be determined by your skill and the quality of the feed you give them. It is advised to also grow your own crops and turn them into feed, reducing the cost of taking care of your animals and allowing you to over time increase the quality of your crops through your skills.

Animals can starve to death if not taken care of and can go a day or two without food and water before they die. If you play on a server and you are going away on holiday you can put your entire farm in self maintenance mode. All you will need to do is pay the amount ask and your farm will basically sleep. To decrease this amount, you can stock up on feed and add extra water tanks to your farm. Remember that the days in the game is a lot shorter than a real day so in theory 1 real day is equal to 24 gaming days.

The following animals are available for breeding with cows, sheep, pig, chicken, goats, horses, donkeys, ostrich, rabbit, fish, birds, bee, turkey.

The following animal products can be gathered meat, milk, leather, fur, eggs, honey, feathers, manure.

Big part of farming is planting crops, there is no size limit on your fields. Right now farming is done by hand and you need to purchase or craft these tools. Plans are to include farming vehicles later into the game making farming a lot easier. You need to take the season into account and if your skills are high enough, you will have access to additional information on each crop.

There are five crop types in Agticu.
Food crops, such as fruit and vegetables, are harvested for human consumption. Grains, such as corn, wheat, and rice, are the world’s most popular food crops.

Feed crops, such as oats and alfalfa, are harvested for livestock consumption. These crops contain nutrients that animals need to develop.

Fiber crops, such as cotton and hemp, are harvested for textile and paper products. Textiles, or cloth, is made made from the dried and processed fibers of certain plants.

Oil crops, such as canola and corn, are harvested for consumption or industrial uses. Technologies developed in the past century have enabled crops to be processed and broken down into their primary components, including oil.

Ornamental crops, such as tulips, are harvested for landscape gardening. Ornamental crops are most often grown in nurseries, where they are purchased for residential or commercial settings.

The following crops can be planted wheat, sunflower, cotton, barley, maize, oats, canola, pumpkin, rice, potato, hops, carrot, sugar beet, tomato, radish, peas, eggplant, artichoke, rye, soybeans, black grapes, white grapes, sugar cane, beetroot,

The following fruit trees can be planted apple, lemon, orange, pear, avo, banana, mango, walnut, coconut, cherry, olive, plum, peach, cashews, pecan nuts, hazelnut.

The following plants can be grown flora cactus, carnegiea, dahilia flower, bird of paradise, tulips, orange zinnia flower, hedgehoc cactus, daffodil flower, lavender, purple snap dragon, pink gerba, red diasy, african diasy, lacustrine, swamp latern, mantis shrimp, agave, colunar, yarrow cottage fern, exo terra boston fern, orange wild flower, juniper bonsai, yellow daffodil, white dicot flower, snapdragon, fuchsia, red dicot flower, pink daisy, okee giant, fly catcher, red rose, white rose.

The following trees can be planted pine, cedar, fir, hardwood, red oak, ash, beech, elm, mahogany, teak, walnut, white oak, chestnut oak, hickory, juniper, redwood.