Retail Property Farming Mining Production

One of the careers you can follow very early in the game is Mining. Agticu has a huge underground mine and all you need to mine is a license. There is a variation of licenses available and if you do not have the correct license to mine gold you will not be able to take the gold home with you. Later as your mining skills increase you will be allowed a general mining license which would allow for all types of ores.

Unlocking more mining skills will later also allow you to lease a small portion of land underground, which will provide you with the protection against other players. Do take care at the beginning you will not be able to lease any ground and nothing is safe. The duration of your license is also determined upon purchased and if your license expires and you have not clear the ground you leased, you might come back to find out your missing your equipment.

You have different tiers of equipment for mining. Please note that you cannot carry big equipment back to the main world once deployed underground, the only way to bring it back is to completely disable the structures and bring it back piece by piece and in most cases you will not be able to put it all back together again. You also cannot deploy mining equipment in residential zones, you will however be able to process some of the ores manually, but it's very time consuming. Certain factories can be used as a refinery and mining equipment can be placed in those zones.

You cannot carry a huge amount of ores or rocks, and even using a back pack would not really extend the amount of weight you can carry, but simply extend the amount of slots you have. Over time you can unlock skills that will increase your carrying capacity. Advanced mining skills will allow you to recognize possible ore types in certain locations, you can refer to the wiki for more information regarding the location of ores.

The underground mine consist of a vast variation of rocks, ores and marble, you will need to pay careful attention to your environment when mining and take precautions, because certain type of rocks are heavier than others and will collapse without support. Also note that you cannot mine marble with a pick axe you need a mining laser to cut into any marble you encounter.

The following rock types can be found abur, badal, cahors, dark verde, elban, famoosa, gabbro, halifax, imperial blue, jasper, kersantite, languedoc, macedonian, nashua, oglesby, painswick, shale, sand, clay and gravel.

Rocks are fairly easy to mine each rock will break up into stones, these stones contain no ores, but can be used to craft bricks and certain floor tiles.

The following ore types can be found acanthite, apatite, argentine, azurite, barite, bauxite, beryl, barium, borax, bornite, cassiterite, chalcocite, chromite, galena, cinnabar, cobalite, coltan, corundum, dolomite, emery, hematite, ilmentite, ikranite, jadeite, kimberlite, kyanite, lazurite, lead, limonite, malachite, manganese, molybdenite, nepheline, nickel, pentlandite, pyrolusite, quartz, gold, ruby, scheelite, selenium, silver, sphalerite, sulfide, sulfur, talc, wolramite, uranium

Ores are scattered among the rocks, once broken up it needs to be run through a wash plant to separate the ore from the rocks, the tier of the equipment you use will determine the yield you receive. The actual ore then needs to be procesed again in a industrial oven melting it down into usable bars. Some ores however cannot be melted down and needs to be turned into dust.

The following marble types can be found carrara, connemara, creole, etowah, murphy, parian, pentelic, purbeck, swedish green, bianco sivec, ruskeala, sylacauga, tennessee, vermont, yule, wunsiedel.

Marbles are cut into layers and used in floor tiles and other products like kitchen counter tops, it can also be crushed with a industrial machine a very expensive process and then used in the production of certain bricks or other products.