Retail Property Farming Mining Production

Five different career paths to choose from, but your choice aren't limited to only one. Agticu allows players from all genres to simply enjoy themselves.

The main idea behind careers, are not to force any player onto a certain path, although there is a nice element attach to having to choose and then being stuck with that decision. The career paths mainly serves the different types of players in the world.

Money will determine whether you can afford to be a shop owner or perhaps the owner of a nice factory, at the start there will be opportunities to do manual labor in designated NPC owned shops, factories or farms and you might even try your luck at mining, fishing or perhaps bricklaying is more for you.

Skill points are gained when you work, but these skill points mainly decide the quality of your end product with the exception of the property development part of the game.

Not all recipes for crafting is available to the player at the start, these recipes can be purchased or unlocked by winning any of the competition available seasonal.

More career paths will be added to the game at a later stage for now there will only be five.