Retail Property Farming Mining Production

If you are into manufacturing then you will love owning your very own factory. The word factory is self explained, you assemble, build or craft products, but in bulk. Maintenance on factories are very expensive and your electricity use in most factories is sky high and it is advise that you only buy your own factory if you are guaranteed of components and have a stock pile of money.

Each factory has it's own types of assembly machines and in most cases there will be different machines that can perform the same task, conveyors are mostly used to transport components between machine except if it's a liquid. The learning curve in the factory is very high, but if you eventually figure it all out you can be guaranteed of a steady income. Just be aware that flooding the market with products will drop the price so you need to make sure you have the correct balance setup between production and sales.

This factory is used to build the machines used in other factories. The production is a lot slower, but the sales price on machines make up for the low output.

Very high demand for copper, because most of the electronic components use copper. The factory produces very small components and use specialized robotic to perform most of the task making the setup for this factory very expensive.

The food industry is pretty big with a huge variety of products on the market. Set your factory up to produce a multitude of products to ensure you do not flood the market and always keep an eye on the expiring dates on food.

The textile industry is pretty big, the machines used for producing clothes are not that expensive, but the quality of your product will determine your price.

This factory is mostly producing hardware equipment ranging from hard hats to pick axes. Without the right equipment you simply cannot do the job.

Ore Processing
More like a plant than a factory, but you will be able to process the ores mined. This factory can also be setup underground in the mining world if you have enough funds and can lease the land saving you time on hailing rocks and stones from the mines to the plant. The plant not only extracts the ores but can also convert them into the either bars or dust depending on how you set up your plant.

Gathered stones are crushed and mixed with clay depending on type of brick you want to produce and then store or dried. You need a large piece of land and loads of clay. The best place to build your brickyard would be next to a mountain range that has an existing clay deposit.

Vehicle Production
Yes we have vehicles in Agticu and you can assemble them inside one of these factories. Vehicles are much needed transport and there's a huge list to choose from.

Carpentry and Tiles
Factory that produces a huge variation of tiles and carpets