Retail Property Farming Mining Production

For some this could be a career, while others would simply see property development as an investment adding to their portfolio. There is no way you will be able to dive straight into property development due to lack of funds. Properties are expensive unless players on the server goes inactive and fails to pay property tax then that particular property can be purchased for a lot cheaper.

Most of the buildings in Agticu can be purchased and rented out to AI, which in turn will generate a steady flow of income. Just keep in mind that this income is not daily and you can only receive rental income at the end of each calendar month in the game.

While playing on a server you are limited to the amount of buildings you can own, as your player progress you will be able to purchase more buildings. You initially start out with the ability to own 3 buildings, please keep in mind that this includes rentals. This can then gradually be extended by purchasing additional licenses when you reach the conditions.

Storage Units
They are very cheap to purchase and have very low maintenance. There is not a lot of storage units on the map that can be purchased at the start, but you can always buy a piece of empty land and then convert the land into storage units. The rental income is lower per unit, but when you take into consideration the amount of units you can place next to each other, the total income from property with storage units on can become a lot.

There are a lot of houses on the map, they have different sales prices and have mid-range maintenance requirements depending on the house condition. Each house has three upgrades available and some might have additional extension available. Housing can become a steady flow of income, but because of tenants can also quickly turn into a nightmare, make sure you rent your property out to the right family. As you unlock skills you will be able to gather more information on your tenants before actually signing a contract.

Very expensive property with high maintenance, but yields the biggest rental income. These properties are mostly where business is conducted and have a special permit allowing people to trade from. The property tax on these premises are a lot, so be very careful if your rental is too much and your tenants leave, you will be stuck having to fork out huge amounts on property tax.

Apartment Buildings
Similar to housing except stacked on top of each other. You will find a lot of apartment buildings in the city and some have shops at the bottom. These shops do not form part of the apartment building even though it's the same building. You earn income from tenants and the income will depend on the size of the apartment. When you invest in an apartment building make sure there's shops close to the building that is open, this will help you to quickly fill all the empty apartments.

Please also be aware that the property tax on these buildings are high and if you do not fill your apartment quick enough with new tenants, you might have to cough up some extra cash at the end of the month. You can look for buildings that has a higher occupancy ratio and negotiate with the existing tenants to stay when you sign the contract, but be aware that if you decide to lift the rent of any of the apartments they might all leave and you end up with an empty building best is to keep the rental the same, fix the building if it needs fixing, upgrade if you can, and then slightly increase the rent.

Empty Land
There will be a lot of empty land available that can be purchased, you can then develop this empty land as you see fit.